This is a world of Night This world is one that is mainly of night, with multiple ley lines appearing all over the world(those of you that have played rifts this world is more torn with ley lines then earth or phase world), causing them to be seen at almost all hours of the day. It is a world of 26 hours, only 3 of them daylight from noon to 1500, 13 hours of twilight, and 10 hours of night. The weeks are 6 days long, and 5 weeks make a month, with 13 months in a year. The entire world has a total of one huge Pangia style continent, with two or more unknown Island area’s.

City of New Ironwood

  1. Only Known City to survive and thrive after the Great Travesty
  2. 35% of the population is Human
  3. 10% of the population is Dragon
  4. 50% of the population is D-Be
  5. 5% of the population is sentient machines(rarely ever seen)
  6. Located in the center of the largest known land mass
  7. Governed by a council of 5 elders, one from each of the districts surrounding the great tower
  8. Has a standing military/police force of 4,000, with 200 light hover transports, 100 suits of basic combat armor, and 20 heavy robot armor
  9. Total population is around 1,000,000.

The setting
The world has gone to hell and back, it’s been recovering and rebuilding for over a thousand years. Unlike Rifts Earth, the world of New Haven has welcomed(mostly) the coming of D-Be’s and other such creatures, even Dragons are welcome here. They have partnered with this beings in order to rebuild and survive in the new world that was made. The city of New Ironwood was built around a central tower, the only building to survive intact on the entire planet(as far as anyone knows), and has steadily progressed in a wheel outwards, with each section being divided by 100ft high mega damage walls. These five sections, or districts, form the hub of this city. The further out from the Tower one gets the more likely one is to see the military/police forces, even the battle armors, since the outlying areas are more likely to be attacked. 1002654_393441584146066_1403948879806356345_n.jpg
It is in one of these outlying areas, in a run down old shit hole of a bar that we find our players gathering for some booze, food and just what-ever. They have been only ‘friends’ for about two weeks, and already they show signs of not really being a true group of like minded individuals. The Dragon Hatchling sitting around the table looks more like a cat with a shiny new toy then some ancient knowledge creature(as well he should since is only 30+days old), with a four armed, purple skinned, mercury eyed, blue haired female creature always near by, even petting him, and in the corner a hooded rogue-ish looking man always messing on a computer. Down the stairs to the far right comes a partial converted cyborg human with this air of good around him, the complete opposite of the shady evil looking cloaked man sitting opposite of the rogue.

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New Ironwood

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